Broadband Speed Test v3.1.exe

Broadband Speed Test v3.1.exe (340.00 KB)

Our Network Speed Test 

Running an effective speed test on our network, you will need to utilise multiple streams 

  • In a multi-user environment (e.g. office), the Internet activity of different users will generate traffic in multiple sessions. The aplication distributes this traffic across all WAN links to fully utilize the bandwidth.

  • Using software like a download manager, a single file transfer will be divided into multiple sessions. Peplink Balance distributes this traffic across all WAN links, taking full advantage of all available bandwidth.

  • When there is only a single data transfer (e.g. when downloading a file by a single user), traffic will take place over one WAN link. In this case, the speed of the corresponding WAN link limits the data transfer rate.


Peplink Balance Broadband Speed Test

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