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Mar 27 2020

Covid-19 Advice

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Remote working-

when working from home and connection to a Business server/internal network there will potentially slower speed caused by external conditions that are not manages by us such as home internet service providers (ISP) limiting the amount of bandwidth that can be used through a VPN connection. this is due to the amount of people working from home at this time. Gigabair's private networks bandwidth is not being restricted and I can assure you the network is running on full power.


using a VPN can cause the connection to slow down depending on a number of variables such as:

Business server- limiting speeds when old hardware is used or not capable of gigabit speeds

DNS servers- limiting the speed when retrieving files and pages

Home ISP- limiting amount of bandwidth you can use while connected to a VPN 

Working Wireless-

On most routers deployed there is a 2/2.4ghz network name you can connect to and a 5ghz version.

connecting to the right one when working wirelessly can increase the speed you are getting from the service.

2.4ghz frequency are best used when the router is in a different part of the building and isn't nearby/ free of obstacles such as walls as it will have a better signal through obstacles that the 5ghz but at a slightly reduced speed which will me more reliable.

5ghz frequency is best used when next to/close to the router as it provides higher bandwidth wireless but is affected by walls and interference more severely and can cause low speeds if used at a distance 

Best way to run a speed test-

the best way to run a speed test is to use the Peplink Broadband Speed Test Tool which will download a set size file from a server such as apple or Microsoft and monitor the rate at which the traffic is being received 

accurate results come from opening the tool multiple times and running multiple streams from one or more computers to show a real time speed of downloading a file

(note that the files downloaded by the tool are purely test files and will not remain on the device. also, when running multiple streams adding the bandwidth from each stream is equal to the total speed.)

this is more reliable at the moment that tests such as / Ookla speed test as these are seeing increased use and heavy traffic on their servers which is causing false reports of speeds

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