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Jun 10 2020

Powering Your Radio

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Our gigabit customers use our 60Ghz radio broadband service some users that have connected to the voucher scheme have fibre connected to the service. 

Powering the radio up and down or having unstable power can seriously reduce the life span of the radio and damage the fibre. Only power your radio down on the instruction of an engineer from Gigabair. 

Things to do if my Internet is down

  1. Check your fibre media converter - this is a little black box with a yellow or blue fibre cable on it and an ethernet lead 
  2. If the media converters lights are not all on flashing this means there is a problem with your fibre 
  3. You can bypass the fibre by disconnecting the media converter ethernet cable from the media converter and plugging it into your PoE adapters LAN port 
  4. You can identify your PoE ,it has a blue light on it, if its powered up and a flame logo 
  5. Do not unplug the fibre cable, this is a thin cable as you may damage it 


  1. Ignite PoE Adapter 
  2. Ethernet-Media converter 
  3. Ethernet Cable 


  1. Label your equipment so you undertsand what you have 
  2. If you don't understand what you have call Gigabair for a service call where we can label and train you 



We can see when you power your equipment down, powering the radio down is like unplugging a computer, if it's not done correctly it will start to damage components in the radio such as memory and RAM, these can then damage the radio. This practice can void your warrant and you could incur call out charges or at worst require a new radio which will be out of warranty.

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