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Jun 10 2020

Service Abuse

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We are increasingly getting abuse to our service process, with customers contacting engineers and admin staff on their direct phones. Calls have been made after hours and as late as 1:30am in the morning. 

The process for supports is as follows

  1. Place a ticket, response times without a service contract are up to 4hrs but normally within 30mins to 1 Hour 
  2. If your service is down during the Covid 19 period and you have not had a response within 30 minutes, then please text your engineer in working hours 
  3. Do not expect an immediate response as engineers are often working in heights or in a dangerous position 
  4. If you have not put a ticket in and you call, you will charged £35 for the support call, if this is done more than 3 times your contract will be issued with a severance warning 
  5. If you contact engineers and staff out of hours you will be issued with a severance warning 
  6. If you call an engineer without putting a ticket in, you will be issued with a severance warning 
  7. The ticket system is available on a mobile phone 

Severance Warning 'Low,Medium,High' 

  1. A Low severance warning will be an email sent to you advising you of the support process, this will be classed as Low. (First instance)
  2. A Medium severance warning will be an email sent to you advising you that you have been warned of the support process and that in the next instance you will be issued with a termination notice, this will be classed as Medium. (Second instance)
  3. A High warning will be an email & letter sent to you advising you that your service contract will be ceased within 30 days and recovery of your equipment and service contract will begin, this will be classed as High. (Third instance)

Why are we doing this? 

  1. As a small company we focus on local business, thus our response times and call outs rapid compared to the major nationals 
  2. Service tickets are vital to document the problem, resolve the issue quickly and ensure rapid connectivity 
  3. The majority of the time the call out is online 
  4. Where the call out is a site visit, we often do not charge 
  5. The terms and conditions of our service state that if we are called out and the problem resides in the customers network then it is chargeable
  6. Our terms and conditions also state tickets are required to be put into the support desk 
  7. Unlike BT our services are delivered over radio, thus the majority of our time we are working at heights and with lifting equipment 
  8. We are also working with power tools 
  9. It is easy to get distracted when someone calls, and thus serious accidents can happen
  10. Please note we are getting increasing number of calls and call outs relating to issues which are related to customers networks, this is the point past our router which is not supported
  11. We will now be charging as per our terms and conditions on any service calls relating to a problem past our router and that what is deemed a customer network issue
  12. Please also note that we now operate a zero tolerance on abuse, any abuse to any staff member will result in immediate termination and collection of equipment and recovery of the service contract, where we understand customers can get upset and angry when their Internet is down, your service fee has no cover for abuse and bad language.

Working with Covid-19 

  1. At present we are on reduced staff for the foreseeable future, this will reduce response times 
  2. Our extra PPE also makes it difficult to perform normal task in some environments 

WI-Fi Problems 

  1. One solution often does not fit all 
  2. Understanding our service is important 
  3. Our service delivery is to your router
  4. Our speed commitment is wired and not WI-Fi 
  5. Wi-Fi is a shared radio frequency service licensed by the government 
  6. There are X number of channels that all people share 
  7. Sometimes your allocation is shared with your neighbours 
  8. Wi-Fi also has distance issues and penetration issues, this can reduce quality and coverage 
  9. If you have a 2G router or signal you may have slow speeds, but it can be reached further 
  10. If you have a 5G router or signal you may have fast speeds, but it won't travel between different rooms 
  11. If you have an old router it may not be able to have enhanced speeds
  12. We recommend using a WI-Fi mesh system if you want to distribute your service, the link below recommends some systems[matchtype]=b&google_params[network]=g&google_params[device]=c&google_params[creative]=368014072499&google_params[keyword]=&google_params[adposition]=&google_params[adgroupid]=73788539022&google_params[campaignid]=2068846250&bs=&google_params[feeditemid]=&google_params[targetid]=dsa-437115340933&google_params[loc_interest_ms]=&google_params[loc_physical_ms]=9046180&google_params[devicemodel]=&google_params[target]=&new_api=true&dest=0&sys_id=0|716&gclid=Cj0KCQjwiYL3BRDVARIsAF9E4GesyWAsP5U4bQS3vFfu7c-skCPx6HGwNHfc-ht4AxBgGntjE-DpRkEaAqYWEALw_wcB
  13. Service calls for speed issues relating to Wi-Fi are not included in your package and any call outs for faults will incur a charge of £75 + £75 per hour 
  14. If in doubt plug in via cable to your router to test your speeds 

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